Tumblr vs. Blogger

I feel like a caveman (or woman) trying to edit this blog. I consider my self a pretty internet savvy person, but I have been putting off editing this Blogger account for quit some time due to the fact that I can not figure out how to make it look as good as my Tumblr. I have ventured back to Blogger now that Google+ is my preferred source of social media & also because Tumblr has become too teen angsty for me. The revelation came when I starting looking into my followers and realized alot of them were teens, like 15 & younger! I have nothing against this new generation of stylish, hip, fashion oriented kids, but I long for something a bit more thought provoking besides the constant barrage of drug paraphernalia photography & wish list fashion items in my dashboard. Any who, hopefully I can get a better template & start to utilize this account more often. In the meantime, I will continue to pound my head against my keyboard!

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